Hi, my name is Avery Homer.

Are you looking for a fucking awesome and badass massage therapist? You came to the right place.
Let my lay a good hurt down on you that you will feel after you go home and maybe even a few days later. I actually give you a safe word during the massage(Banana). That's not to say the whole massage is going to leave you bruised, I do have a great feel for pressure, the safe word is there in case I get a little too sadistic with the session.
I offer deep tissue, hot towels, a shower, aroma therapy, awesome lounge music, and a fantastic 78704 location that is central for everyone and 2 miles south of downtown on South First St.
I'm incredibly good at shoulder and hip issues if you happen to be suffering from that but many people just come in for a session that is geared to relax and hit every muscle group with a broad range of pressure and techniques.
I'm fit, non-judgmental, gay and female friendly, and experienced.
My clients include movie stars, CEOs, and the average Joe looking to relax and get great work done.
My space is quiet, clean, accessible, inviting, and candle lit in the evening.
Draping is optional Call or text for availability. Regular monthly/weekly session scheduling also available.