Who am I? Good question.

I'm the product of a guy that grew up out in the hill country, milked goats, did construction, and played every day outside and swam in the river out behind my house.
I believe in hard work and earning my living through high quality service that does not cut corners. Quality before quantity.
I enjoy my body hair. Most of the time I am pretty furry but sometimes I like to be trimmed and clean shaved. My ears are stretched and I'm looking at getting tattoos but don't let that put you off. It had been said to me that alternative appearances are the sign of an open mind and that's what you will find with me. I don't judge the people that come to me for work I work on anyone who needs touch(thats pretty much everyone).
I enjoy being outside the norm and I like to challenge peoples sometimes stiff view of the world around them. The world around you is what you make it to be. You set the rules and you can make anything happen if you set your mind to it and put a little hard work into it.
I've been doing massage since I was 18. The early years was all amateur..... but now I'm licensed and self employed and am a complete badass at what I do and only get better with age. I would have to be to survive in this economy.
Today I enjoy being active swimming, hiking, and running. Im also a huge movie buff and enjoy reading books.
I enjoy motorcycles and ride every day summer or winter. I make sterling silver chains and jewelry as a hobby and side business. So, that's me in a nutshell.